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You will find some of the most dynamic DAZ 3d props and models here for Daz studio, and Poser. With plugins you can even create your own detailed video computer game characters. This is done with Decimator for DAZ Studio.

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3D Content But what makes a DAZ 3d prop or model truly great? It’s versatility is one thing, It’s realism is another.

If you are a new 3d artist, or someone looking to become one this is your lucky day! If you are a seasoned 3d veteran, you will be happy too.


You can get free software at DAZ3d that will make your 3d dreams come true.

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Another very cool opportunity for 3d artists is having the power of Genesis, which is included, for FREE, when you Download DAZ Studio.

Genesis™ is a new line of 3D figures designed to provide more versatility and customizability than any single 3D figure ever before. Basically it works like the props and models I make: you have a common base figure, and through the power of morphing you can create a huge range of other 3D figures. Very cool and powerful indeed. Find out below:

Create 3D Art for Free

Now I’m a published artist at DAZ: morphtactic is my PA name.

My creations are an experiment on making some of the most dynamic, versatile Daz3d props and models I could think of.

StoneWare Organic 1.0 SquareStone, RoundStone, StoneTower, StoneRoad, and CaveHome are just some of my creations that use the supreme power of morphing.

Below you will find links to these cool products, and please do not hesitate to investigate them.

They are best sellers at DAZ for a reason:

StoneWare Organic 1.0 SquareStone

SquareStone was my first attempt at creating one of the most powerful, versatile props at DAZ. Not only can you morph endless rocks, I included object morphs. That’s right, the stone will magically morph into an object like a seat or a throne.

StoneWare Organic 1.0 RoundStone

RoundStone offers even more morphs and object morphs. You can make goblets, tables, and wells, and I even made an entire Hobbit house out of it.

StoneWare Organic 1.0 StoneTower

StoneTower was actually built with just one prop: SquareStone! But it still has 10 interchangeable parts. So you can combine parts to create fantastic towers and ruins of lost and decaying cultures.

StoneWare Organic 1.0 StoneRoad

StoneRoad offers 2 versatile morphs as well. So you can combine road sections, and morph them to create any span of avenue you want.

StoneWare Organic 1.0 CaveHome

CaveHome has 67 morphs. In this case you can combine morphs to create an almost endless series of new cave homes. You could make an ogres den, or an entire village for dwarfs, or even a towering cave city of your wildest dreams!

By now you are probably getting the idea of why these props are so dynamic and useful?

The reason is their morphability.

Basically I took a simple form and made it endlessly complex by adding morphs.

This is want makes DAZ 3d props and models so awesome! This is what will help you as a budding 3d artist, or even an experienced 3d artist, to take off right away, as if you have wings.

Morphabilty in props and models means less model creation on your part. Some of the most time-consuming tasks of 3d art is actually making the models themselves.

My models, like SquareStone, takes away this burden, because you will never need to make another stone. The reason for this is that SquareStone, or RoundsStone are: a million stones in one!

Let me explain.

A prop, like SquareStone, is probably one of the most powerful props ever built. A lottery ticket has around 49 numbers, which means you can have millions of number combinations, right?

This is the same principle I have built my products with.

SquareStone and RoundStone, although simple forms, offers lots of morphs, more morphs than a lottery ticket has numbers.

SquareStone offers 127 morphs: 52 object morphs, and 75 rock morphs. This means you can combine morphs to create an almost endless amount of new props. You could create an entire gravel pit of rocks with one prop. SquareStone could become a stone throne, or you could make brick walls, cobblestone roads, Stonehenge, or just skipping stones, or ancient, monolithic towers, and high, jagged landscapes of crags!

These products are so powerful the only limit is your imagination.

You can even create amazing game characters for 3d game development from super high detailed models. This program will reduce the number of polygons so you can export your DAZ characters into your games. This is powerful:

Decimator for DAZ Studio

Decimator for DAZ Studio

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