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A 3D Model Alien Plant For Your 3D Model Alien Planet In A Galaxy Not So far Away

Ok I’m a Trekky, I admit it. I grew up on Star Trek, so much so that, when I was consciously aware, we the human race could not travel at warp speed to distant planets, I got depressed. Still, the biggest moment for me was actually meeting Leonard Nimoy in the lazy town of Vulcan Alberta a couple of years ago.  I love alien planets and Vulcan Alberta felt like I was visiting one. I loved the new Star Trek film too, with the planet of Nibiru. WOW! It inspired me to present to you a 3D model alien plant, and model 3D alien vegetation and planets so you too can create your own amazing alien world for your 3D movies, or art.

Alien Botanicals Plant Alien botanical Plant

Ok I can’t fluently speak Klingon, but I still love Star Trek, and you will love these lush, sweeping vistas of alien forests and jungles.

This set of highly detailed and strange-looking alien plants comes with both young and adult versions of each species. There are 11 in all.

“A 3D model alien planet like Nibiru, was so well thought out in terms of 3D alien vegetation and color that I believed it right off the top.  These 3D model alien planets are believable too:”

Outpost 17 for Planet Lava and Enchanted Forest
Outpost 17 for Planet Lava and Enchanted Forest

This is a complete set for a 3D alien planet.

So your ship crashes. When you come around, you find yourself amongst strange alien vegetation. But it’s not all just trees, its strange metal and its dark silence… What strange planet have you landed on? What dangers awaits you?

This is outpost 17! It’s awesome!  What amazing unseen things will your 3D heroes discover here? What strange alien races, artifacts, or resources that will bestow magic powers will be found here? This 3D alien set is a complete DAZ Studio 4.5 scene, complete with lights, neon effects, fog and rain effects, merging Stonemason’s Planet Lava and Enchanted Forest into an abandoned station in the middle of nowhere… It’s so cool!

Hostile Planet
Hostile Planet

This Hostile Planet scene can be used in different ways I think. You can use it for alien planets, fantasy, reality, post-apocalyptic future, prehistoric past, on this world, or a distant planets. I would use it to populate with alien vegetation myself, or an alien desert where my hero is lost and desperate? What would you use it for? This is another cool model.

Strange Worlds: Planet Pack
Strange Worlds: Planet Pack

This is an alien planet creation kit. Apparently you can create a ton of planets with it. They say an infinite number of planets? This flexible pack allows you to combine a huge range of both artistic and real textures to produce a unique render every time. Sounds interesting. Worth checking out.

Planet Alpine
Planet Alpine

What is a 3D alien planet collection without a frozen planet? On this planet the land is frozen and layered in snow.

Planet Lava
Planet Lava

Planet Lava is highly detailed with a skydome, and perfect for your 3D showdown battles.

You might need one of these 3D figures to go with the model set:

DAZ 3d People

DAZ 3D People

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