Jan 21

A DAZ 3D Teen Like Teen Jayden 6 Can’t Be Beat For Detail And Technological Advances

DAZ has done it again! That’s right, take a look at this amazing DAZ 3D teen. It’s Teen Jayden 6, and this young guy is packed with supreme Genesis 2 technology! You can do a lot with this dynamic and energy packed CG character. The CG figures at DAZ are just getting better and better all of the time, and with the introduction of HD morphs this content system is equal to any professional production house in my opinion.

Teen Jayden 6
Teen Jayden 6

Teen Jayden 6 is not only new to DAZ, being an original teen figure, he is built upon the solid Genesis 2 platform which allows a huge amount of freedom of diversity across the entire Genesis line of CG figures.

This young, fun, exciting athletic guy has all the bells and whistles.

He can be morphed, mixed with Male and Female bases. He has  increased detailed. His articulation, and facial expressions are incredible. His compatibility will never make him lonely.

Now the types of renders you can use this guy for is simply up to you. He can be the nerd, or the hero of the football team! He can be used for any time period, or fantasy render. Maybe he plays sports, or he is the dark hooded figure that does not say much, but is always brooding?

“A DAZ 3D teen like Teen Jayden 6 is one of the most advanced CG male figures you will find online anywhere “

Teen Jayden 6 Starter Bundle
Teen Jayden 6 Starter Bundle

If you are serious about getting Jayden into your renders; if you want a smart, charming, witty student with a confident demeanour. Then start with this starter bundle and save money.

This guy is perfect for high school scenes, sports renders, as well as sci-fi, fantasy, and even gothic scenes. Genesis 2 technology will be kind to you with this model, and allow you to turn him into anything you want, even a zombie?

Teen Jayden 6 Pro Bundle
Teen Jayden 6 Pro Bundle

Always go pro if you are serious about your DAZ 3D Teens. Why? More bang for the buck, and fast track your renders and save time.

The quality of this DAZ 3D teen can not be denied. Jayden 6 is not his age, it is the number of the most advanced CG quality figures at DAZ to date. Take advantage of it now and save money. The pro bundles are always the best deal. Don’t get the base, and then suddenly you realize this is a great model, but now you have to buy everything individually for a higher price.

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