Aug 16

DAZ 3D Carrara 8 Pro: Two Very Good Reasons Why I love It, And Not Just Because It Makes Me Money

There are two huge things I love about this software, that makes it one of the most powerful software’s you will find anywhere! Indeed, there is a lot to love about it, but I’ll get into that in a second. DAZ 3D Carrara is the easiest and most powerful software I have used for the price. It pretty much covers everything I need. It is powerful because it is an all in one 3D software package. Now I am a self-taught 3D model builder, and 3D artist… DAZ 3D software played a big part in my education.

DAZ 3D Carrara 8 Pro

“I have used 3D Max to about 70% of it capability, and it is an amazing program, but the parametric approach is just too complicated for most people. You can do it all with Carrara 8 Pro, just like in 3D studio Max, but much easier!”

So what can you do with it? Anything you can dream of! You can model, UV-map, and paint your own textures. You can use it like DAZ Studio: pose, or animate, but then you can create your own amazing terrains, skies, or waters. Advanced physics are used (I’ll tell you about it in a second) as well as rigid, or soft-body dynamics. Importing or exporting is great, not to mention the best thing of all: a very powerful render engine that is fast.  You can also make money by creating your own 3D models that you can sell at DAZ, and become a PA: Published Artist!

Some of the applications for this software are:

Create 3D models from scratch
Make your own high-quality CG movies
Combine live footage with CG elements
Create custom 3D characters and avatars
Design detailed landscapes and environments, at the touch of a button in some cases
Design 3D text and logos

The image below is a great example of what you can create with Carrara 8 pro. I make money with this image. Click on the image to find out how.  It is no joke that Carrara can help you make real cash, and because it’s so easy to use you do not have to be a 3D genius to accomplish this.

So what is the first thing I love about DAZ 3D Carrara, which makes it one of the most powerful softwares around? It is the powerful render engine that effortlessly created the UFO image above. Now you won’t get this kind of detail and speed out of DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro. You will have to step up to Carrara for this kind of perfect photo realism. The good news is that you can use DAZ Studio and Carrara together as there is portability between the two.

This is the second reason I love Carrara 8 Pro: True Bullet physics. You can create some of the most amazing and realistic simulations that are simply out of this world! Take a look at the surrealism you can produce with Carrara bullet physics in the video above.

This video shows more amazing realistic destruction using DAZ 3D Carrara bullet physics.

Carrara 8 Pro is for those 3D enthusiasts who take 3D seriously.

“Carrara is a complete 3D authoring suite that has advanced, Pro tools, and will open up an amazing, new 3D universe where the only limit is your imagination!”

DAZ 3D Carrara 8 Pro

Carrara 8 Pro is used by professional 3D artists all over the world, including published PA’s at DAZ 3D.  The advanced 3D tool set has been maximized, so now you can do it all in one powerful software. With improved import and export options, Carrara 8 fits well into most any pipeline and can do just about anything. The great news is that, unlike most other 3D packages available, Carrara is not expensive compared to what mainstream applications charge these days. Get it now!

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