Dec 15

DAZ Poser Models Is This Huge 3D Content Library Will Expand Your Productivity And Offer Endless Possibilities

Poser was my way into the wonderful world of 3D art and animation. Through Poser I discovered DAZ 3D, and since then I have moved onto DAZ Studio and Carrara 8 pro! Most models in their huge 3D content library originally started out as DAZ Poser models.

Since those early days DAZ 3D content can now be used for their own free figure animator software: DAZ Studio Pro, and Carrara , among others. You can search and find a huge variety of 3D Models using this link to tons of DAZ Poser Models.

DAZ Big Cat 2
DAZ Big Cat 2

The DAZ Big Cat 2, for example will work in Poser through the DSON Importer for Poser. Other older products use both the DAZ Studio and Poser files formats. Just make sure before you get a model from the library that the assets are supported in Poser.

These cats are beautiful, and the latest in DAZ original animal figures. Just imagine them rendered in Poser, or even better in: Carrara!

These golden fur big cats are accurately created to look as real as possible. The one thing that Poser does better than most other similar programs is dynamic hair and cloth. These cats will look great in Poser.

“DAZ Poser models are Plenty in this Poser/DAZ Studio 3D content Library!”

Wild Animals 1 by AM
Wild Animals 1 by AM

Nothing better than having a few wild beasts in your 3D Poser models collection.

This is a high quality collection of detailed animal 3D models including:

-American Alligator and Spectacled Caiman.

-Gharial and Crocodile, with very detailed texture and displacement maps.

Black and White Rhinoceros, as well as the now extinct Woolly Rhinoceros.

Now you can start your own virtual zoo.

Noggin's Rabbit and Hare
Noggin’s Rabbit and Hare

I thought it was the cow that jumped over the moon? This is getting surreal. A rabbit is a great addition to your DAZ 3D Poser models.  This rascally rabbit is fast even on your hard drive. Get a tortoise, and render your own fable.

LoREZ Cat and Rat Bundle
LoREZ Cat and Rat Bundle

If you need a cat how about getting a rat too? Give your 3D cat something to do. Included in this bundle are the LoREZ Cat and LoREZ Rat, plus as a special edition – the Trash Stash Scene and Props.

Poser is a great program that has been around for a long time, and has developed into a professional 3D tool.  With this large 3D content library the possibilities are endless. Combine Poser with inexpensive models and watch your productivity soar!

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