Mar 06

One Of The Best 3d Computer Animation Programs, And Its Free?

DAZ Studio 4 - Create 3D Art for Free

Computer animation is fun. It can be hard to do, and expensive too. On the other hand, you can have one of the best 3d computer animation programs  100% FREE, no strings attached.

The program is called DAZ Studio 4, and you can get it right now, right here:
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You can also attend FREE 3d University, and learn to make great 3d animations right now, right here:
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The ease of animating with this great 3d computer animation program is astonishing.

For example, just recently I needed a lot of animated CG zombie figures for a movie I’m making.

I had no Idea how I would produce such complex, fluid,  life like motion capture sequences. This would be hard to accomplished even in DAZ Studio, until I found their plugin AniMate.

Oh my God! This animation plugin allowed me to effortlessly produce complex human movements in minutes, and render and export the footage with alpha channels, so I could composite the animation with my live-action footage seamlessly.

Now I had been working with DAZ software and products for a long time, but things have dramatically changed in terms of animation capability.

Not long ago, you could not merge animations to make complex movements. Now you can with AniMate. This makes it one of the best 3d computer animation programs to date. Animations made with Studio and AniMate can now rival some of the best 3d animations in the world.

One of the most powerful features is importing BHV or motion capture files from 3rd parties.

Normally, BHV files are really expensive to buy, but I’m going to give you a link where you can download these awesome motion capture files for FREE, and there are about 2 thousand separate animations, almost every kind of animation you will ever need.

Get them here:

3d computer animation programs like DAZ 3d Studio are few and far between. Do not pass up this opportunity to try it out.

You literally have nothing to lose.It has saved me thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of production time. If you are serious about 3d animation you must get this program, and the AniMate plugin for DAZ Studio 4.5:



If you like, you can animate the free figures Studio 4 comes with by hand. That will take longer. But DAZ Studio uses a key frame animation system, which means all you have to do is pose the character, then move your figure, create a key frame, repose the figure, create another key frame, and the program will fill in the rest to create a smooth animation.

Take a look at one of the best 3d computer animation programs you can get for free:
New 3D Artists Start Here

Enjoy, and animate somthing great!

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